Declutter your mind 

Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation

Proven to have a significant impact on psychological wellbeing by reducing stress and rumination, disrupting negative thought patterns whilst also improving sleep and concentration. 

Classes for children and young people

Meditation and Mindfulness practise helps children to be aware of their thoughts and feelings. 

Mindfulness and meditation can improve self esteem and sleep. It can also increase self-awareness which can lead to young people having  the ability to manage their behaviour and emotions more successfully.

The pressures of school and the modern pressure of social media can leave young people vulnerable to stress and anxiety. Regular practise of a form of meditation can help to reduce the negative effects of these pressures. 

Mindfulness and meditation has proven successful with children of all ages and abilities. 


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Learn about how it works


As well as having an opportunity to practise mindfulness and meditation, you will learn:

- The neuroscience behind it 

- Multiple techniques

- The importance of posture

- How to let go of negative thought


And more.......!


Classes for Adults


The classes are an opportunity to have a space in the week to relax and focus on your wellbeing.

The sessions will enable you to step away from the stresses that come with a busy life and develop life long skills to take care of your physical, emotional and mental health. 

The sessions are very relaxed so don't worry if you are a complete beginner, all levels and experience are welcome.

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