Services for Vulnerable Young People 


Supporting Looked After Children and those currently not in education.

I am committed to providing equal opportunity for all young

people in education. It is important to 'narrow the gap' to

ensure young people of all abilities and back grounds can achieve their potential. 

The 'Teaching and Learning Toolkit', researched and produced by the Educational Endowment Trust, demonstrates that intervention in the form of one to one tuition and social and emotional learning is highly effective in ensuring higher levels of progress over time. 

If you are the SENCO or overseeing Pastoral Care in a school or a virtual head teacher at a local authority and would like more information on the intervention and tutoring that I provide in schools please contact me for more information.

If you are a carer and would like more information on how Pupil Premium could be used to provide tutoring for a child in your care please use the contact me link below.