Academic Tutoring

'Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.' - Albert Einstein



Tutoring can provide young people with the confidence boost they need to be successful. It can provide tailor made and specialised intervention to support young people in areas they find difficult or frustrating or boost their innate curiosity and passion for a particular subject.

I provide personalised academic tutoring services in the following areas of the curriculum:​

- English up to GCSE

- History up to GCSE

- Citizenship up to GCSE

General Homework Help

For those children who need some support, encouragement, and motivation to stay on- task and complete multiple homework assignments and/or projects.

Before embarking on tutoring a pupil I will assess their levels and learning style to design a personal programme of learning. I will continually assess whether the young person has understood the topics being learned at school and in the tutoring sessions. I will then modify the activities and level of challenge to reflect the learners rates of progress. I always work with highly visual resources to increase engagement and support learning for children/teenagers who have additional needs or a SpLD.

Tutoring sessions typically run for 60 minutes, and have the option to be doubled-up to address various subject-areas.  Alternatively tutoring sessions can be combined with a Life Skills, Coaching or Lego®-based therapy session for a dual approach to well-being and success.

Contact me for a free initial consultation and to discuss your specific needs for academic tutoring.