Emotion Coaching

"Helping children and young people to understand the different emotions they experience, why they occur and how to handle them."           (Gottman 1996)

Emotion coaching is a positive intervention to support young people to understand and manage their feelings. The programme works well when delivered to children, their parents and the professionals who work alongside them. 

We all have feelings and need to recognize them in ourselves as well as others. All feelings are normal, however it is important to learn how to regulate our emotions and how to express them constructively in order to have successful relationships.


Emotion Coaching covers the following topics:

  1. Attachment theory

  2. Neuroscience - understanding of how the brain works

  3. Identification of feelings under the behaviour

  4. Teaching emotional intelligence

  5. Link to mindfulness

  6. Teaching children and young people about emotions in the moment

  7. How to reflect after a moment of intense emotion

  8. Impulse control

  9. Empathy

Outcomes of Emotion coaching for young people:
- It allows greater awareness and control over behaviour.
- Lower levels of stress, which are associated with better health.
- Enables more satisfying friendships and lasting relationships.
- Ability to self sooth and therefore greater capacity to focus when faced with a challenging situation.
- Increased levels of resiliency.
Outcomes of Emotion Coaching workshops for parents and professionals:
- An awareness of how adult and child interactions can impact on the young persons ability to cope.
- A better understanding of how the brain works. 
- A toolkit of strategies for responding to heightened emotion and behaviour (using these moments as 
 learning opportunities).
If you would like to explore having an Emotion Coaching programme for young people, their parents and the professionals working alongside them within your organisation, please contact me for more details.