'Build to Express' is designed to be a positive solution focussed coaching tool through which children can convey their feelings through a hands-on resource. The Lego® pieces used have been selected by Psychologists to provide metaphors that allow children and young people to convey their thoughts, hopes and feelings in an effective manner.

For some children talking therapies alone can lead to closed responses. 'Build to Express' enables young people to create visual representations of their thoughts and feelings. This then leads to conversations about how they view the world around them and relationships. 
'Build to Express is an evidence based programme piloted by Claire Osbourne, if you are interested in finding out more about the case study please click here

I run 'Build to Express' Lego®-based therapeutic coaching sessions for young people aged 6-16 years. These sessions can be run as individual sessions or with a small group. If you would like some more information regarding 1:1 or group sessions for your child please contact me for more information.


If you are a School who would like to use Pupil Premium to run 'Build to Express' Lego®-based coaching or a Local Authority looking for someone to set up a club in several schools then contact me below to discuss the initiative in more detail.

Certificate of Course attendance can be provided.

Build to Express

Lego®-based therapeutic coaching