Isolation tips


It is hard to get our heads round how much the world has changed in just a couple of weeks. Some days can will feel hard and others will feel easier - that is completely normal and ok. The key to not getting overwhelmed is to take it one day at a time. 


Whether you are spending more time at home than you have ever previously done before or you are at work where it feels quiet and surreal - these tips are here to help you feel comforted and connected. 

This will be an on-going and updated list:

- Putting extra pictures up of the people you care about near where you work.


- Listen to a chatty radio station, a podcast during breaks if your home/staff room feels too quiet.


- Put in a phone call to a colleague, friend or loved one every day. It’s really important to talk to someone every day. Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp calls make it even easier easy to keep in touch.

- Do something you enjoy even for 30mins - read, listening to music, playing games or dance. 

- Your sense of smell has a strong connection to your mood. Fill your day with scents that make you happy. Brew some coffee, smell all the flowers you pass on your daily walk and put on your best hand cream before you climb into bed.

- Use your best things! If there was ever a time to use all those things we normally save for a ‘special occasion’, that time is now. We might not be able to go anywhere, but we can make our everyday life at home or at work feel like the 5* version of itself.

- Music - full your classroom or house with music. Whether it is a playlist of your favourite upbeat songs or some more relaxing tunes, pop them on and keep them going in the background. Music is really powerful in shifting your mood or dissolving a tense atmosphere. 

- Go outside - time in the playground, a walk around the block or in your garden if you are lucky enough to have one. Soak up some vitamin D and take a moment to look around at whatever nature you have around you. Even just 30 seconds of taking in some fresh air and nature before you support pupils/your children in play, respond to another email or check in on a relative or can have a great effect. 

Updated May 2020...

*National Walking Month*

Take a look at some ideas from West Hills EAP on walking or alternative activities you can do to keep yourself feeling good both physically and mentally. Think about sharing any walks you have been able to go on or creative alternatives you have come up with during team video meetings!!

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