Flow and Engagement


Before we think about experiencing 'flow' or being 'in the zone' at work, let's take a step back and reflect on how it feels to experience this...

How does it feel to experience flow?


  • The activity is intrinsically rewarding

  • Clear goals that, while challenging, are still attainable

  • Complete focus on the activity itself

  • Feelings of personal control over the situation and the outcome

  • Feelings of serenity; a loss of feelings of self-consciousness

  • Immediate feedback

  • Knowing that the task is doable; a balance between skill level and the challenge presented

  • Lack of awareness of physical needs

  • Strong concentration and focused attention

  • Timelessness; a distorted sense of time; feeling so focused on the present that you lose track of time passing


Can you identify what activity makes you feel this way? Or maybe something that you used to do, even as a child, that made time pass by without realising it? What was it about that activity or task that made you get into flow? Was it creative, technical, relaxing? See if you can figure out what it is about those tasks that make you get in the zone. 

Psychologists say that to achieve a state of flow, it helps if:

  • It is an activity that you enjoy or feel passionate about

  • There is an element of challenge

  • You are able to stretch your current skill level

  • You have a specific goal and plan of action

Being in the zone feels great, we achieve things and we enjoy them. So how can we incorporate this at work?

In your teams share what makes you get in the zone, what types of task do you do that creates a sense of flow for you. How can you transfer that to school and the tasks you do as a team? Is there someone in the team who gets in the zone when they are creative? Is there someone in the team who loves to organise? Is there someone in the team who loves to be outdoors? 

Gather the information and then think - can you share your enthusiasm of the task with others? Can you look ahead to upcoming events or tasks and utilise people's unique focus to get things completed? Can you get someone in the team to lead a session in the classroom based on the activity they are passionate about?

Similar to strengths, we can all share and utilise our own and each others passions to create a strong team and interesting community.