Frequently Asked Questions

You seem to offer a range of services, why so many?

I LOVE the variety in my job! I have decided not to niche, I am passionate about supporting people and see that as my speciality. I

realise I may be bucking the trend but going niche just isn't for me! The diversity in the types of support I deliver gives me energy and keeps me on my toes! 


What do you mean by positive mental health?

We all have a mental health in the same way that we have a physical health. Positive mental health is not just the absence of a mental illness such as depression or anxiety. Positive mental health is about experiencing positive emotions, to be engaged in life, to be able to feel, express and manage the full range of emotions, the ability to form and maintain good relationships and to cope and manage the ups and downs in life. 


By focussing on the positives aren't you just ignoring life's challenges?

Life is complex, it will always have it's celebrations, it's challenges and it's brilliant ordinary days. Focussing on what is going well, our strengths and the things we value alongside utilising mindfulness tools and creating an environment that provides a feeling of calm and control enhances our ability to regulate our emotions. Therefore when the challenging times arise we are equipped to face them with greater understanding of how to manage them. 


Are your services confidential?

Absolutely, I am here to support people for a variety of different reasons. I always work with the greatest of sensitivity and maintain strict confidentiality. 

Do you have an up to date DBS for working with children and young people?

Yes - my DBS is current and on the update service