Children's Storybooks

Tips on how to use reminiscence to boost wellbeing over the coming weeks:


With colleagues....

So many events take place in schools all the time, both big and small. 

Take some time to remember a funny moment (staff world book day costumes, a bucket time that went hilariously wrong but the pupils didn't notice etc) or heart warming event (something a pupil said, an end of term event etc) that you can share with a colleague. 


Message it to your team or relive the moment by sharing the memory during a 'Zoom' meeting. 

With family or friends....

Go through old photos of holidays, birthdays or memorable trips. Send them to the person or people you shared that time with. 

Sometimes you can create a mini film/slideshow out of photos on your phone. Phones can sometimes create them for you and they pop up in your photo album. Take a look and send one to someone to share some of the photos you have taken of important people in your life. 

Childhood reminiscence...

Over the next couple of weeks try revisiting some of your childhood favourites. Revisiting some of our most loved things - books, films or songs - from childhood can be incredibly comforting. See if you can dig out a copy of your favourite book as a child. Or remember the film that you loved to watch. 

You could share the story, film or song with others. Play the song in the classroom, share the film with your own children, chat to friends about the book.