Coaching in Education

Coaching in schools

"Important achievements require clear focus, all-out effort and a bottomless trunk full of strategies. Plus allies in learning."  Carol Dweck

Coaching can build will, skill, knowledge, and capacity because it delves into the intellect, behaviours, practices, beliefs, values, and feelings of educators and pupils.

I have worked in education since 2007. I decided to work in education not for the love of the curriculum or a particular subject. It was the potential to create upward spirals of growth and create possibilities for all young people to believe in themselves. My professional background is in Secondary Education, both Specialist and Mainstream. I have spent the past decade working with young people who require intervention or additional support in order to overcome social, emotional, behavioural or academic barriers to achievement.  In order to achieve this I have experience of supporting the wellbeing of adults,  professionals and families to ensure that staff, young people and their families are equipped with the skills to promote wellbeing.


School Staff
School staff support Coaching
Pupil support, Youth Coaching

Having worked in Education for over 10 years I am fully aware of the challenges faced by school staff. 

Coaching sessions offer the chance to speak with someone impartial and non judgmental. I will help support staff to identify areas of importance or barriers to success and then challenge them to move forward in a supportive manner. 

Examples of how Coaching can be used with all school staff:

- Enhance time management

- Reinforce emotional and mental     


- Break unhelpful patterns

- Establish goals and renew motivation

- Increased awareness of each persons 

   impact on the school environment

Youth coaching is a branch of Life Coaching. It's aim is to enable personal development whilst also giving young people a space to express their anxieties or frustrations. 


Going through adolescence brings a rollercoaster of experiences and emotions. Each young person is individual in what difficulties they are facing.


Examples if how coaching can be used with pupils:

- Discovering potential

- Goal setting

- Encouraging motivation

- Increased awareness of their responsibilities

- Building resilience

- Breaking unhelpful patterns

Depending on the pupils age and ability to verbalise their thoughts, it may be beneficial to utilise Lego®-based therapuetic coaching.

Coaching for staff and pupils in school can be linked to the Emotion Coaching programme for staff, pupils and parents or mindfulness and meditation sessions

If you would like to find out more about having Coaching in your school or education provision please contact me.